Paul Spackman

I am just wondering about the reflexer setting that TriQ fliers are using for take-off. With the recent discussion of take-off speeds and the pressure exerted on the nose wheel before lift-off is anyone setting the reflexer to reduce the pressure on the nose wheel? Just curious.

While on the subject of reflexer I spent some time thinking about the word reflexer. Reflex is a Latin derived word and with these words the agentive suffix "or" is usually added so with that in mind maybe it should be reflexor. I have seen it both ways on this list and have spelled it both ways myself. But wait a minute, in America we tend to add the suffix "er" whether it is Latin based or not and in the UK they tend to add "or" Latin based or not. So I guess that we have words like advisor and adviser used at different colleges and schools throughout the US. I know I have strange thoughts when I wake-up in the middle of the night but I was just wonder if you will be using your reflexer or your reflexor on your next take-off and landing.

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