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Bruce Crain

I still have to have a pretty high speed taxi to get the front lifted off the ground. Then I still have to watch to make sure I don't come back down on the runway after lift off. The best thing that the 1.5 up incidence on the canard did for me was to make the view over the nose in cruise much better. BruceBy the way Paul and Charlie I love your syntax in those philosophic musings reflexor, reflexer, potato potahto, tomato, tomahto. ;o)

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My $.02,

In a tri gear the canard has to develop enough lift to lift the nose before
the rear wing lifts or you will wheelbarrow like Sanjay. Fixing it
involves dumping lift from the rear wing by - flaps on the rear wing. You ban also
increase the incidence angle of the canard to the ground to get more lift
from the canard in the ground roll before the rear wing kicks in with
ailerons in trail.

As for spellings neither are recognized but the root word reflex as
pertaining to airfoils a starting point is.

( )

If you are wheelbarrowing or jumping off the runway after a long high speed
ground roll, you may want to look at angles of successful planes Bruce
Crain's comes to mind as well as others.

Off the box,

One Sky Dog

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I am just wondering about the reflexer setting that TriQ fliers are using
for take-off. With the recent discussion of take-off speeds and the
pressure exerted on the nose wheel before lift-off is anyone setting the reflexer
to reduce the pressure on the nose wheel? Just curious.

While on the subject of reflexer I spent some time thinking about the word
reflexer. Reflex is a Latin derived word and with these words the
agentive suffix "or" is usually added so with that in mind maybe it should be
reflexor. I have seen it both ways on this list and have spelled it both ways
myself. But wait a minute, in America we tend to add the suffix "er" w
hether it is Latin based or not and in the UK they tend to add "or" Latin
based or not. So I guess that we have words like advisor and adviser used at
different colleges and schools throughout the US. I know I have strange
thoughts when I wake-up in the middle of the night but I was just wonder if
you will be using your reflexer or your reflexor on your next take-off and


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