N1711Q Update

Rick Hole

In the last several days we ran solved issues of no-alternator and
no-fuel-flow-indication. Those were wiring issues but did require pulling
the engine.

Today's engine test let us cross off the task list idle RPM and mixture, an
unimportant engine alert indicator (who cares if EGT is below 1000!, at
least not for now).

The fuel level indicator problem is solved and the plane is ready to begin
its conditional inspection. There's an indentation on the wing to fill,
trivial. Tomorrow: bleed brakes and do a full power run up, and adjust prop
pitch for static RPM limit.

I will be off the project for a week. It should be ready to fly when I come
back to it. It's getting exciting to see the task list shrink towards
absolute zero :-)

Rick Hole

N1711Q Q200 rebuild at 99% complete and 1% to go

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