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You really need to look at the specifications for the product. When my plane was painted (over 20 years ago!), I used a base coat clear coat system. In that case the UV barrier was in the CLEAR portion - not the color. Apparently the system was designed that way so the color didn't fade. I'm not sure what the magic was, but it has held up great for a long time! So you can't judge UV blockage by color alone.

Just my $0.02...

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200, N17PF

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I recently painted my fuselage (only - the wings were alrady painted with a
final color coat) with an ACS product called Smooth Prime, a UV filler /
primer (part # 09-28290). My point is that this product is white, and seems
to be an excellent filler and it's water-based.
I guess I'm looking for confirmation that this is an acceptable UV shield
since I hear everyone discussing a black (carbon) UV product.

Mike Evans, Still building Tri-Q200 in LA

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