Re: UV damage

Larry Severson

Some top coats have UV protection, even clear coats. I am working with
PTI paints. CPP is approaching the equivalent of 10 years of UV impact
under exposure to Florida weather (UV, temp, and rain all part of the
test cycle). Once all of the results are finished, I will post the
results. There will be no guess work. All of the research is being done
to the best university standards using top quality test equipment.

On 7/13/2011 8:53 AM, Mike Dwyer wrote:

Quickieaircraft... Please post your name and experience signature at
the end of each post. It helps us to understand who you are. Thanks.

You said that paints are all the same... Maybe true, but we rely on
the dark primer to block the UV, not the top coat paint. The original
post said he did not have a UV block primer so the top coat paint is

To Pauls comment, I'd expect the top coat paint to peel off as the
fiberglass resin disappears underneath the non UV paint cover.

So, UV primer then white paint to block the ir heat from the sun.

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