Tri-Q Nose Gear - Available


Hey All,
As mentioned in the last issue of Q-talk - Richard Kaczmarek, Joe Melanouris, and Charles Wilhite are making some good progress in supporting current builders and flyers with the hardware necessary to complete their Q’s. They call their company FLAPS which stands for Fast Little AirPlaneS, and their intent is to eventually bring kits back.

They recently completed work with Scott Swing to turn over the manufacture of the Tri-Q nose gear and the front gear leg and axle are now available in the QBA online store here:

The plan (after the first order) is to make runs of five, and keep them in stock, so that they can ship individual orders immediately. They will be adding the main gear bow within the next few weeks.

Q-200 DXF Files

I also completed tracing the Q-200 LS1, Main Wing, and Verical Stab templates in AUTOCAD (DXF) format, and provided a suggested layout on the foam block. These document sets are now available in the store also:

Just FYI.

Dan Yager
QBA Editor

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