Wing Shear Web Cut


I have been idle on building my Q-1 for much too long, as Terry Crouch can attest to.
I have a small problem with making the cut on the main wing Shear Web. The place where the pieces of foam block ended up BEFORE hot wiring these cores is very, very close to the shear web cut line. I was going to allow the slight imperfection on the one core, which did not have the core pieces (for the one inboard core) microed & make the other core with the same "imperfection" but...when setting up the other core, which IS bonded, that cut line is right where there is micro present.
I have the core ready to cut w/hot wire cutter, but now worry that cutter will catch on and not cut the micro!
Not sure what to do now. I am tempted to just bond the second core and cut by hand with a saw, not a hot wire cutter and get the Sear Web in the right place, as it should be.
Anyone ever hot wire micro?
Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

Joe Galletti
S-L-O-W-L-Y building Q-1 in Dayton, OH

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