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Because it looks nice blended with the blue dye in the fuel.

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Why would you us Pig Fat with red dye in you system?


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I think this is all great feedback and good stuff to consider, but on the
lighter side I agree with Phil that Larry's recommendation should not only
help you get up faster, but maybe it will help clear out foreign matter in
the lines also. So I think I will so start adding some along with my Marvel
Mystery oil. Should be a good combination.


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On Jul 14, 2011, at 2:51 PM, Phil Lankford <britmcman@...
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Poor Jim! Paper filters and all. This is a pretty good point you make if
true. It is wise to follow the advise of the high hours guys.

Based on Larry B's recent advice I have been adding a few Viagra Pills to
each fill up to improve climb-out performance.

So. Shall we recommend or condemn paper element fuel filters based on this
data point?

Phil Lankford

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Hi Guys,

I don't know if the Fram G3 filter is a paper element filter, but just a
heads up about paper element filters, they are illegal here in Canda for
aviation use.

Transport Canada will not pass any aircraft with paper element filters.
They have been proven to hold any water in the fuel and then block the fuel
flow once water contaminated. I know this is unlikely in our Q-birds, but
never say never.

The filters that are recommended are sinthered bronze element filters.
I've been using these clear sinthered element filters:


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Glad to hear you got rid of the hot rod glass filters. The ratio is 30
square inches to 1 on filter area with the G3.

Good to see you again and you are on the ride list. I am going to Alaska
8 days for 3 weeks so once again progress stops.


Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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Good Afternoon Charlie,

I took your advise and finally bought Fram G3 fuel filters to replace my
existing 1" glass ones. They were $3.50 ea. at Walmart.

Over the years, the glass filters worked fine for me but it makes sense
that with 6 times more filter area, I have 6 times less chance of getting
them plugged up. For anyone still using glass filters, I would just
that even though the filter appears to be clean when viewed thru the
you have to be very careful and check them on a regular basis because
can and will plug up.

Case in point: a few years ago I was called by Tim Iverson who had landed
and was stuck with his Dragonfly in Modesto, CA. He had flown back from
Oregon and was having engine surges all the way down the coast, to the
he was getting very nervous. We took his glass fuel filter apart (header
carb)and found it was totally plugged (I plugged one end with my finger
blew into the other, nothing came out, even though it looked totally

Thanks again for the reminder and adding to my safety level.


Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200


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