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Richard Thomson

Hi Mike.

Can you explain your statement

I calculated that the Q200 canard has the equivalent of 4G on it when loaded to gross on the ground, plus it is supported by the wing tips. ?

It's a few years since I have played with Aero loads, but to have G do you not need to have movement or acceleration ? So at Design gross weight is it not still 1G loading ?

Do we know what Burt and successors originally stressed the spars to take ( on the Long eze he said it was 17 G ) ?

Also has there been any main wing or Canard failures in flight ? I only remember 1 problem which was elevator mount failure wasn't it ?

How much damage is caused to the spar caps when the outer layers are not or become no longer painted ?
Can the UV penetrate the outer plies to that depth and damage the spar ? What testing has been done to prove this ?

Not a problem for you hot climate boys, but from my experience I noted that the old style UV layer will unfortuanately absorb moisture if there are any pinhloes in the paint layer, which softens it and then it sheers under the outer paint layer, the paint can then be locally stripped in sheets, yet under the remaing black the weave surface is just like new with no damp or UV damage.
That's why I have used good quality 2 pack epoxy primer and 2 pack polyurathne top coat to refinish, as it's specification states it is a UV barrier and its protected from virtually everything including salt water.

Richard Thomson

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