Re: UV damage

Larry Severson

Does anyone know if there is a decent way to inspect for UV damage once primer and finish is applied?

UV damaged fiberglass is milky. One could pick an exposed area and sand down to the fiberglass. Not good, but better than risking flying a plane UV damaged.

I know...there shouldn't be any damage through the paint and primer, but...well, I think most of us still store our composite planes indoors just in case.

Do you really know what the UV status of that hangered plane? How good was the original paint job? Tests that I have seen show that it takes about 5mm of UV protecting paint over the whole surface. But time of exposure and amount of UV encountered (10 years in Florida weather) needs to be significant with the 5mm protection.

I am working with PTI and a local technical college to establish optimum paint requirements. PTI produces mil spec paints, and is available at Aircraft Spruce,

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