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One Sky Dog

UV damage only affects epoxy and foam the glass is unaffected. You can see
the damage as the epoxy gets dull and powdery or flakes off the glass
fabric. Look at the backs of fiberglass signs and backboards, you will see
fiberglass strands where the matrix has been weathered away. first the sun
breaks it down then the wind rain dirt scrub it off.

Non UV blocker paint may not protect it and if the paint is undamaged it
would certainly lose its grip on the epoxy.

Damaged areas can be removed and replaced if the damage is severe but where
the damage is, is vital on deciding repair or scrap. Minor damage can be
sanded out to sound material and replaced with a like layup do not overbuild
the repair.


Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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If the surface is primed and painted, but with no specific UV protection,
would not any UV damage beneath the paint be made obvious by the paint
surface dimpling and the glass weave showing through?

Paul Buckley

TriQ-200 under construction.
90% finished, 90% still to do.....

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N1711Q is well into that age, built in 1982. When working on damaged areas
we sanding carefully to expose fiberglass in several areas. It looked very
good. That's a single data point, but it falls in line with similar repairs
on Velocities which are constructed with similar technique and materials.

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