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Larry Severson

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5mm (~.200 inches) are you lucid?
[0.1969 to be precise) Passed lab testing with top grade test equipment
( by a technical college) exposing painted epoxy part to heat, rain, and
UV equivalent to 10 years outdoors on a Florida ramp. This is with
specific paint produced by PTI ( a mil spec aircraft paint company). The
paint was applied to a specially prepared mold, and the fiberglass was
then vacuum infused to the finish in a test program. The result was an
extremely light weight simulated wing skin that demonstrated 95%
reflectivity. Work is on going to demonstrate both how thin the paint
can safely be done, and to create a usable full scale airfoil that comes
out of the mold pre painted that matches the best current paint job. We
expect to be ready by Spring 2012.

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