Re: UV damage

Richard Thomson

Mike Dwyer wrote;

"As for your paint theory try a different thought. No idea if this is right or not. I understand fiberglass resins outgass for their entire life. If you seal over it with a super non-porus sealant then when it outgasses it will blow the paint off. My theory is use cheap paint cause we're all going to be repainting in 15 years! My paint bubbled right off as you described. "

Well, I can't argue against your logic either Mike. But if it were steel it wouldnt rust unless air gets to it, so is it the same with Epoxy. Then that leads to other questions like does it still gas if air is excluded when it's heated and cooled ? If you heat epoxy but exclude UV will it still gas ? Or does a damp surface contribute and what about flexing ? How does that factor ? Is there any info on these ?

Thanks for your explanation for the loading, I now see what you mean. If you want a trampoline, get a Tri Q !!

Richard Thomson



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