Re: Its Changed! - New Fuel Filters

Jim Patillo

Good point Rick, it does get one hell of a lot colder in Canada than California or Florida and a frozen fuel filter, full of water, wouldn't work so well. Most of the planes in Canada are Aluminum and or Fabric design with metal(sweating)tanks. You can ask on this list, but I don't know of anyone that's had water in their fuel except for the isolated incidence of bad gas.

As stated before; I've used the small glass filters for 1000 hours + on my Q200 and never had a problem. I also check them on a regular basis just as I will do with the paper ones. (If Phil Lankford had a plane he could use paper ones as well)!

It makes sense that with a 30:1 surface ratio, the paper filter would do a much better job.

Having said each his own and continued success on your Q project with Scott! I'm looking forward to seeing it in the air.

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

P.S. Charlie you've got to simmer down now! You've simply lost all patience in your old age with stupidity and ignorance. BTW, will you be back by August 27-28 for our Fly In?

I think you can see from the responses it doesn't appear to be muc of a problem with the guys on this list.

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I wonder if the paper filter issue in Canada is related to water freezing in the filter.

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