Re: August Fly In LVK

One Sky Dog


I have not scheduled a FAA inspection but plan to call as soon as I get
back (8-10-11) I have a couple more documents to produce and the package is

So weather permitting and if the Cessna is still running you should see
Bob and I at the Fly In

I will try and restrain myself, in fact I might order some new secret paint
if I can find a source.


Charlie Johnson
N187CD Dragon/vair still building

In a message dated 7/18/2011 4:38:23 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time,
logistics_engineering@... writes:

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

P.S. Charlie you've got to simmer down now! You've simply lost all
patience in your old age with stupidity and ignorance. BTW, will you be back by
August 27-28 for our Fly In?

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