Re: Q200 Empty Weights

Jim Patillo

Clive, guess I missed your latest excel post but just for correctness, my empty weight is 740 lbs. See previous email from yesterday.

Regards and thanks.

Jim P.

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Hopefully just uploaded a replacement file excel Q Taildragger Brakes and weights, ammended to take into account recent info. Also Jpeg in GOBXOY photos album.

NB. I had Jim Patillo's as 775 but changed it to 753 as I noticed that was the figure in Jim's weight and balance.

I have Charlie Harris's at 883 and made a note about the 832?

Hopefully there aren't any howlers?

Sam were did the extra 50lbs come from?

Clive ..... Gobxoy

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I just spent a couple hours compiling the following list of empty weights. Please feel free to correct anything out of date or incorrect and add yours--most of these numbers are from emails on this list.

'Quickie AC' [604]
'Sam Hoskins' [640]
'Sanjay Dhall' [675]
'Bob Farnam' [703]
'Bruce Crain' [704]
'Paul Fisher' [727]
'Dave Chalmers' [736]
'Kevin Boddicker' [747]
'Jim Patillo' [775]
'Charlie Harris' [832]

Mean = 717 lbs, standard deviation 65 lbs.

When you finish snickering because I included the mythical QAC build, I'd be interested in any presumed causes or effects of the weight differences (EG, minimalist vs well equipped.)

I've started a similar list for Q2s and if I get a chance, maybe even CG position.

PPL, Sonerai 2LT, 125 hrs.

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