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You are correct Richard, we would prefer not to make custom parts but we will if the custom request it. The current nose gear leg fits the LS fine the GU's require a little extra work, but still not bad to do. What I have learned over the years is if someone wants to try something different it makes good for lessons learned. Some times the trial of others can help the group in the future.


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It took some messing around to get the new Scott leg installed on FN, and I believe it is about right now, it is as close to the build book values as I could get.
I set the whole leg up with the wheel assembly using a line set up to act as the groundline per the build book
Kevin sent me a photo of his that helped loads, if I remember correctly Scott's nose leg was built to fit a GU canard and on Kevin's it needed a block under the rear mount to sit properly on an LS. Im not sure what angle Kevin ended up with, but with mine, using a Waterline to check, found that it didnt need the rear block, I just adjusted the angle to the front mount pickup and it was virtually spot on.
So from my viewpoint if FN flies straight off with no further adjustment needed, I would want any replacment leg to be identical because I have gone through the pain messing around already. So if Richard is going to offer various versions things may get difficult to know what standard we each have. I think selling a standard leg is the best way forward .

Sorry Mike, not sure what my final canard incidence will be, but it looks positive at the moment with no engine and no tail !

Richard Thomson



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