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Hey Phil, No our dual controls are not the same as the Dragonfly setup. What we are working on is a system that will bolt in and can be done in a normal weekend. Of coure this is if the plane was built basicly to plans, as far as the controls go. We hope to have my TriQ-200 done by the end of next week. Then write the instuctions as we install them into my other Q2. We are doing all we can to follow the K.I.S.S. principal (Keep It Simple Stupid) I sure wish it was going faster but as of this week we can now produce the LS1 spar and are working out the bugs in our CNC hot wire cutting of the wing cores. The days are long but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One day at a time.


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Richard, I have some interest in your dual sidestick controls for Q200. I saw plans for the D' fly. Are your plans/ parts the same?

I would like more info.

Phil Lankford

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The lead time on the order would be about a week for the nose fork and about the same on a complete gear. I would need a day to figure the cost of the designed fork since the current unit is 5" to the outsides.


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Many thanks for the reply. Even if just supplying a new, wider fork would be good, a 5" wide fork would easily allow a 4.10x3.5x5 tyre (already got a wheel and tyre for this!) that would make for better absorbtion of bumps an make the nose 1" taller (half the extra 2" diameter of the new tyre). Not thought about moving the main wheels up. How difficult would that be? Have you an idea of lead times from ordering?

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We can make the nose gear longer, we have done that without a problem. Or just thinking here move the main gear axles up a 1/2" my thinking is 1/2 at the mains over 4' to the leading edge of the canard would give quite a change in AOI... I will look at that when I'm out in the hanger with mine on Tuesday. As for the bigger nose wheel how much bigger would you want to go? I don't see any reason we couldn't be able to do it that is just a matter of some machine work.


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Would you be able to make a TriQ nose gear with a little more height? ie the
nose slightly higher eg 2 inches. Thsi will help with my angle of incidence
problem with the canard. Also the fork, can it be made slightly wider to
accommodate a slightly bigger wheel/tyre?
Michael Davies

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Patrick and the Group,

We are now starting the production of all the Tri-Q parts. Over the last
month we took over the molds and other needed tooling for the Tri-Q gear
from Scott Swing. We will be offering them on shortly. The
nose gear is on the sight now. We are making one change to the main gear
in that we will be using a higher temp resin. We are doing this to help
prevent heat issues. I don't believe this is the issue with this gear
problem. Production of the main gear will begin this week and should be
ready for shipment by the 28th of this month. Patrick I would like to
speak with you off list about your gear. Please fee free to call me
anytime at 937-243-7303 or drop me an email. We would real like to help
you out. Also anyone else in need please feel free to call anytime.

Fast Little Airplanes
Richard Kaczmarek
2232 North State Route 559
Woodstock, OH 43084

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My poor, bent landing gear.I'm attempting to bend them back into shape
under heat and pressure. There is a chance we may not succeed, in which
case I'll be in need of a replacement gear. Any help directing me would
be appreciated!


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