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Martin Skiby

This is very bad and we are all very sorry Joseph. The good thing is that you are OK. The first flight of our Q200 was also exciting with it not wanting to fly away. We found that if you leave it planted until about 80 then pull back gently she will float off the ground and climb. It is my recomendation to not try and pull the plane off the ground in ground effect and try to fly out of it. I am very sad at the loss of your plane and all the work that you have put into it. I was looking very hard at the Corvair for the Q200 we are currently building. I do have a GU canard that I would happily give you if that would help? I am also putting back together a TriQ200 that was wrecked years ago by a tornado.

Again I am very glad you are OK.

I do not believe that the Q2 needs an excessively long runway as indicated in this post however for the first flight it is very handy. I feel a 3000 foot strip can be operated out of safely with either the Q200 or TriQ.

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Gentlemen, Isn't this primarily due to the inherent Q2 design limitation of
canard lift
vs. rear wing lift denying the aircraft any climb capability in near-level
attitude at relatively
low speeds? That is, one may need an extremely long runway to get the speed
up to
well above Vx before a climb is possible (and with additional extra runway
to get back!).
TL Cline, N49X under construction
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Hello everyone,

I have bad news. On July 22, I attempted first flight. The aircraft was
substantally damaged. I was not injured. Here is a link to the NTSB report
for details

Joseph Snow

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