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Hi Ed,

Great note, it will be super to have you with us!  Yes, you'll enjoy meeting many flyers and builders like yourself, and we'll enjoy meeting you!  See you Saturday morning.   If the gate at the Southwest side of the field is not open, call one of our cell phones and we'll let you in. 

Thanks again!

All the best,

Alan and Sam

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  Good day!

I am usually a quietly listening lurker on the list but you did specifically
ask if anyone coming that has not
Spoken up to please do so. So I am!

I will be attending Saturday only and I will be driving from Phoenix, AZ. I
am still building, so this is just a
³catch the talks/presentations² and ³hang out with other Q-people² trip.

We¹ll see everyone Saturday morning at 10am.
Thanks for all the work you guys do for these gatherings!

Ed Knapp
Phoenix, AZ
Q-Vair in progress
(Q-200 plans#2862)

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> Fellow Tandem-Wingers,
> With just a few days remaining before Tandem-wing madness begins in beautiful,
> sunny Livermore, it is still not too late to let us know you'll be attending!
> Be a part of the 10th annual Tandem-wing event and enjoy a great weekend of
> flying, sharing and learning about how great our airplanes really are. Our
> guest speaker, Marc Zeitlin is all set to go with some outstanding
> presentations, and is eager to get to know each of you and to hear how your
> plane is flying, or how your project is coming along. He and his wife are
> flying in aboard Marc's Cozy and will be with us at Beeb's for dinner Friday
> evening. Marc is a real inspiration, and a wealth of information, having built
> a Q-2 AND his Cozy.
> If you are able to fly your plane in, we have received official word that our
> airport Manager, Leander, has graciously offered to waive tie-down fees for
> all our participants, but upon arrival, you'll need to check in with the front
> desk at the Terminal building to register your tail number with the kind folks
> there, so you won't be charged later with a little note in the mail. In
> working out the waiver for tie-down fees with Leander, i promised him that we
&gt; would buy fuel, so please, do buy some fuel there if at all possible, to make
> our Airport Management team really happy.
> Also, the kind folks at the Extended Stay hotel are offering us a nightly rate
> of $61.39, the best rate they have extended to us so far, in the years that we
> have been working with them. When you call for reservations, be sure to ask
> for the "Aircraft Association" quote, and that will get you this bargain rate.
> If you haven't let us know yet, please give me (Alan) or Sam a call to confirm
> your attendance. Alan: 510-427-3432, or Sam: 209-559-0903. Looking forward to
> seeing you at the kick-off dinner at Beeb's, right on the field at 6:00PM, or
> Saturday morning at Alan's hangar, #262 at 10:00AM.
> Check out our official website for tons of info:
> www;
> It promises to be a great weekend, so we hope to see you there!
> All the best,
> Alan Thayer and Sam Kittle

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