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Chris, is this an event that replaced what used to be held at Cranfield in July? I have been to a couple and know it got moved at least once. As a determined Oshkosher I was highly amazed to see a whole passel of aircraft about which I knew nothing. An excellent learning experience. I was puzzled about all the guys with notebooks writing down stuff and wandering around. I came to know them as spotters... a STRANGE bunch to me... but extremely dedicated and relentless. I met a guy who I encouraged to attend Oshkosh... he did and got his mind and notebook blown clean away. He wore out a whole box of pens and left the US with nearly terminal writers cramp!
I was amazed when the "tannoy" announcecd an Irish P-51 on long final and the Brits swarmed like ants to the ramp where they knew it would shut down. WOW what a nice feeling for an American.


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Hi Sam, I'll do that.



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Thanks for the report on the 2011 LAA Rally. It would really be nice if you
could send some pictures to Dan for the newsletter.

Best regards,

Sam Kittle


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Hi all, Gary McKirdy and I flew in my Q (G-CUIK) to the 2011 LAA Rally at
Northampton (Sywell) on Saturday. This is the UK's premier light aircraft
fly-in and was 3 days; 2nd to 4th September. Our flight from Enstone was
only about 25 minutes each way, so not far and we delayed start while we
waited for the cloudbase to climb from 500 feet and eventually took off at
about 11am, still keeping below the cloud at a bit less than 2000 feet.

The flight was uneventful but the visibility was not good. As normal for
these events, it can be very busy and chaotic as you turn onto final. This
was made worse this year as there was a 15 knot headwind, so some aircraft
were heading in at little more than 20 knots and we were a bit faster! We
managed to put down after only one go around and when we looked back, there
were 9 aircraft in line to land.

Although most people there were spotters (and there are some photos already
posted on spotters websites), the day was full of meeting old acquaintances
(mainly Gary's) including Richard Thompson who is still re-building his
Tri-Q. We were among the last to leave that day and as we were getting ready
to swing the O-200, four Scotsmen wandered up (one in a kilt) - one said
"That's my airplane". The guy was Nigel Campbell who I'd bought the part
built kit from in 1998. He was absolutely delighted to see his kit flying
and although he now has an RV4, his soft spot was for the Q.

We expect to be back next year and there is a real danger that 3 (or maybe
even more) Q's will be there! That would be the first time in probably 20
years and definitely a move in the right direction.


Chris Rayner (G-CUIK)

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