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Bruce Crain

Blessings Dan! Praying for you and your wife and neighbors!Bruce and Joanne

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Hey All,
My wife and I were forced to evacuate our home yesterday due to
flooding in our area. So far our house seems to have made it through
the night without a problem, but the communities surrounding us (outside
the levees) are completely devastated. We feel so blessed to have
dodged yet another bullet from mother nature. (So far.) We are
currently crashed out in a hotel on much higher ground and keeping our
fingers crossed that the levees continue to hold.

I will have limited access to e-mail, but wanted to let you know why I
might be a little hard to communicate with for the net few days.

Good luck at Marion this weekend everyone! Please take lots of
pictures and provide continuing reports form the field. I look forward
to hearing about the event, even though I couldn't make it out there in
person. Wish us luck! ;-)

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

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