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Ho humm, another safe commercial flight home to Dallas. Flying stand-by on a busy weekend is sometimes iffy but for some reason Southwest added an extra flight in the 5 o'clock hour and loaded lots of stand-by passengers Wuz home by 7p. Had a nice drive to STL with Kittle up thru the MO/cape girardeau side. Nice countryside with rocks and rolling forests. Good camping I'll bet but not so good for landing out! Home is as I remembered...HOT... and still burning.
Thanks to Sam, Sandi and all the Saluki's for an educational and entertaining weekend
even tho the sometimes mucky weather caused late arrivals and a couple no-shows.


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Sam & Bruce

We enjoyed the high speed passes on your departure.

Sam Kittle
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Just thought I would check in, the 4 minute flight home was uneventful.


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