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I get an ear to ear grin when I see Dave Dugas plane at our events cause he is one intrepid aviator bringing down rrom
the far reaches of New England.I was delighted to know Dave and Rod intended to leap over the floods to get to Marion
Only to be dead stopped by a valve guide ??? problem. Know Dave that we were sending out good Khara waves and
hanging on every communication about your travails. I expect you will not be thwarted next time. You are a memorable guy and
we want to renew that memory.


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Doug, we are so sorry you didn't make it to Marion. We were all looking
forward to seeing the two of you. It certainly wasn't because of lack
of effort. That is a lot of geography to cover without wx problems, let
along unexpected mechanical ones. We will be looking forward to the
next one and you being there.
Jerry Marstall

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Thanks for the effort guys, be safe.


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Hi Sam,
We are in Ohio tonight due to weather and fatigue. The situation in
Binghampton NY prevented us from finding a hotel, so we slept in a
and ate popcorn for 2 days. Had our first real meal tonight and promtly
fell asleep. Wished all day that we could be eating ribs a seeing everyone
tonight. The plane is running great and we are going to stay in Canton
tomorrow night and fly home on Monday. Hope everyone has a good time there
and stays safe. Looking forward to pictures and reports. I'll call
morning, might be a liittle late to call tonight.
Dave and Rod

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Marion, IL

Okay Dave, please stay in touch. My phone is 618-967-0016.

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Sam and Everyone,

Rod and I are in Binghamton NY. We had to land here last night due
to the
weather, and are witnessing the flooding. I am waiting for a local
to install a valve guide on my cyl heads...we'll try to get there
Sat if its possible. We'll keep you posted.
Dave D

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Subject: [Q-LIST] The weekend is here - Tandem Wing Fly-in Marion, IL

*Our first participant is already here. Alan Thayer flew in one of
aluminium tubes and is on the way for dinner.*
*Even if you're not a composites type of character, stop in on Saturday
morning, have breakfast, get your plane washed and watch a couple of
presentations. *



Arrivals, greetings, hugs, and maybe some rides.

Friday evening, 6:30 : Dinner on the patio at Sergio's Mexican
in Herrin, IL.


8:00 - 9:30 Pancake breakfast provided by SIU's Rotor & Wing
If you go away hungry, it's not our fault.

10:00 Professor Charley Rodriguez is going to demonstrate how
carburetors really work. Charley is a Wight Brothers historian, a
the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame, an exceptional educator, and all
great guy. I guarantee a lot of "Gee, I didn't know that" moments.

11:00 The Cozy Girrrls <> will be
demonstrating their Lo-Vac method of vacuum bagging. I especially like
way they use low cost/no cost parts. This will be really interesting,
especially to those of us who are building our composite projects
the old
fashioned way. They Cozy Girrrls will also be displaying their Oil
one of which is currently installed in my Q-200. I really appreciate
Chrissy & Randi stepping in on such short notice.

12:30 Working lunch. Introductions, awards, etc.

1:30 Engine cowlings off - a great show and tell. Photographs
are allowed.

6:30 World famous barbecue ribs at 17th Street Bar & Grill, in
Informal open seating in the back room.

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