Re: Q2CSA8 Elevator control arms

Mike Evans

I have a Tri-Q200 with a CF LS1 canard. My torque tube is a straight "L" shape (no universal). I measured the OD of the tube to be 0.62" and the ID id 0.496". The flat piece that rised vertically to be connected with a rod from the stick is 3/4" wide by 0.12 thick and is about 7.25 inches long. Be sure to use some "grease" to eliminate the torque tube from welding itself inside the elevator. I used Permatex Anti-seize lubricant (ugly stuff).

Mike building Tri-Q200 in LA

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Hi Simon, I have some left-over stuff from when I built my Q, including some
control arms and things. To save me digging out the construction manual, can
you describe which are the actual rods and spacers you need and I'll take a
look to see if I've got them?



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Hi all,

I decided to remove my control surfaces for inspection and painting and
discovered that the original builder made a complete mess of drilling the
holes in the Q2CSA8 rods. So much so I am going to have to build new ones
from scratch. I have looked in the plans and can't find any reference to the
material they are made from (it's probably been staring me in the face).
Does anybody know what the Q2CSA8 control arms, CS20 and CS16 spacers are
made from? I suspect it is probably 4130 but want to confirm it before
ordering some new material.
If anybody also knows the dimensions of the tubes that would also be handy.
It was late when I left the workshop the other day and had another
engagement to attend to, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to measure the
tubes before I left. I won't back in the workshop until next week as I am
out of town, but would like to order the material in the mean time so if
anyone has the i.d. and o.d. of the tubes I would really appreciate it.


Simon Wilson
Quickie Q2
United Kingdom

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