Re: Wing incidence angle calculation

Mike Perry

Hello William:

You can measure the angle of incidence of the airfoils by making a
cutout of the hot wire templates for BL 49 -- a "female" template if you
will -- and cutting the level line above the template. Then a digital
level will tell you what the relative angle of incidence is. You can
get the templates from Quickheads if you don't have them. If the
airframe is assembled that gives you the answer but if not you will have
to determine the angle of incidence of the fuselage -- dig in the plans
and read the old posts, sorry, not easy.


On 9/15/2011 10:56 AM, Tres wrote:

Hello All,

I am in the process of doing a comprehensive airframe inspection on a
Q200 project, the outcome of which will help me determine if I go
ahead with the project. I would like to be able to accurately
calculate the angle of incidence relative to the fuselage for both the
canard and main wing. I would like input on how to best complete this
process. Thoughts/ideas anyone???


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