New 0Hr Revmaster 2100D engine, wood prop, spinners FOR SALE

Bert Sparrow <bert_sparrow@...>

Hey guys, a
friend of mine's father in law was an old WWII Army Air Corps pilot. He started
to build a Q2 but never finished. He has Alzheimer's now, but in his garage, we
found some things we'd like to sell.

First, an unbelievable find: A 0-hr Revmaster 2100D engine found in mint
condition, kept oiled & covered. It's 65hp turbo upgradable to 80hp,
magneto type D4RN-3000 Bendix ignition, forged crank, oil cooler & filter
system. Also found was mint condition 56x45 B&J wood prop w/urethane
leading edge($700 value), two SN4 spinners 11 1/8" long ($360 value), two
prop hubs, no carb/intake pipes, but have all the exhaust pipes. If bought
today, the new engine, new wood prop, spinners, hubs would all cost $7600. I'll
sell all this for $4500 OBO. The engine is boxed up in a crate that weighs 200
lbs. Email me for pix, or call me if interested.




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