Shameless Plug - My eBay ads. . .


Still lots of stuff available with no bids, but each auction has lots of watchers. I assume this bodes well for the final few seconds of the listings. :-)

The fuselage shells end today. The rest end over the next couple of days. Just FYI.

Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Q2 Fuselage Shells

Q2 Q-200 Main Wing and Tail Section

Q2 GU Canard

Q-200 Cowling

Q2 Revmaster Cowling

Q2 or Q-200 Canopy and Canopy Frame

Q2 or Q-200 Basic Instrument Panel

Q1 Main Wheels and Brakes

Q2 or Q-200 QAC Pre-Molded Wheel Pants

Hot-Wire Voltage/Tempurature Regulator

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