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Dave Dugas

This is great news and i hope that everything works out for you. No other airplane has the ramp appeal of a QUICKIE.
Dave D.

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The journey from intention to announcement to offering a kit aircraft is a delicate balancing act. After studying, thinking and pondering the decision is made to explore offing a new kitted version of a Fast Little Airplane. Then the balancing act begins. As soon as someone announces possible intentions to offer a kit, the cry of "When?" begins. The hundreds of details necessary to actually offer a kit take a lot of time. One of those details is determining if the market will support all this effort.

F.L.A.Ps decided to go semi-public to ask that question. On the group and on the Quickheads web site we ask enthusiasts to respond to a survey. From this survey and the dozens of conversations it encouraged, we observed that there is a lot of interest in new parts. Many need parts to complete projects. Enough expressed interest in a complete kit that we decided to move in that direction.

To date we have made progress towards offering parts in support of current builders. These will all be included in the final offering of a full kit. We are now able to ship landing gear for Tri Q or Q2 taildragger with inboard main gear. Wheel pants for both, Motor mounts for the 0-200 and VW, all metal control parts, very soon dual controls, welded and ready to install. Eureka is now able to supply foam for LS1 front wing, the main wing and the vertical fin. Canopies are readily available. The tapered LS1 spar is available from us now but we do require three orders waiting before we will produce due to the time to setup and produce this allows us to offer them at a reasonable cost.

The next step is creating a set of molds for the fuselage components. That will take some time. We appreciate the excitement as well understand the frustration. The goal is to create a real fast build kit that is 51% compliant with current rules. We are in discussion with the FAA over our plans and making their list of 51% approved kits and it looks very promising. Eventually almost ready to fly wings will be offered. Please be patient, and we will be flying soon!

Thank you,

Richard Kaczmarek
Fast Little Airplanes
2232 North State Route 559
Woodstock, OH 43084

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