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I drilled and bolted on the prop and am very happy with it.  Here are a few early observations.

Static RPM:     3000 RPM.   This is just a little less than what it was with the original prop.

Climb:              I don't have a rate of climb indicator in my Q2, but I feel that I lost a little climb performance....about 10%.  The
                          density altitude was a little high due to the warm humid weather lately (field elev. 555, DA 1700).

Cruise:             My RPM is 3100 and IAS is 145 to 150...kind of depending on the pitch at the time.  This is about 10 MPH better than  
                          with the orig prop. 

This is early in my testing, but  this is one of the best upgrades to my Q since it's first flight.  For some reason my CHT dropped from 360 deg to about 325 deg.  Also I am flying without a spinner because its going to take some time to modify it, so I'm thinking things can get better yet.  Another very noticable improvement is the increased smoothness in all power settings.

I'm not sure about the torque setting of the bolts.....for now its 20 ft/lbs.  Please let me know if I should change it.  I'm also sending this to the  Q-list...hope you don't mind.  Thanks for everything and I'll be in touch.
Dave Dugas

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