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When testing a new plane/pilot combination should you be focusing on the landing phase or touch and go's
or should you be doing your basic airwork???


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Since we don't know what happened yet to Jerry's flight it would be interesting to know if it was actually pilot error or something came loose in flight or engine out. Jerry had already landed several times with some amount of success.
One of the points I want to make in the test flights at first is need at least a 6000' runway (longer would be better). With that length you could have an engine out and still make the runway. Unless you are trying to fly a long downwind and "drag her in" to give you time to set up. My attitude is the Q should be set up every flight for an emergency landing "spiral down" from the "Perch". We won't know for awhile what happened to Jerry Brinkerhoff but Jerry Marstall's advice comes from lots of military experience and I have called him for advice when I needed help.
My 2 cents worth
Bruce Crain

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