Re: Very sad news

Richard Thomson

Hi Guys,

I was very sad to hear of Jerry's accident, my sympathy and condolences go to his family.

At a time when my own TriQ200 is coming together very quickly, his accident does focus the mind on safety and what I can do to improve it if possible.

As an aircraft engineer with decades in manufacturing and design, plus a sportplane builder with several projects to date, the first thing that I want to know is what went wrong and then how can we prevent the same happening again. If it is found to be a mechanical failure then there will either be an inspection or a mod we can do to help prevent it occuring again. That mod will be done on my TriQ200 to make sure its as safe as I can possibly knowingly make it.

Now when it comes to first flights, as a percentage of hours I only have about 0.1875 % of my experience of the day job, so Simon's suggestions make a lot of sense to me where the percentage is reversed. I know that I need to get current before I contemplate more than just taxing it around and any help will be welcome. .

The main thing we all need to consider is that there are lots of people out there who would like to spoil our fun, and a high accident rate focus's the sort of attention we could do without. There is more interaction these days between FAA and EASA with more commonality of regulation, so although your regulations are less restrictive currently, they may not always be, especially if they start to use more "global" statistics. In which case your problems become our problems and Vice versa.

Rich T



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