Re: We can do better!

Rick Hole

NTSC often takes 6-12 months to issue the final report. The preliminary one
comes out quickly but has only scanty information and no conclusions.

Rick Hole

Main wing project: bottom glass done today


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Hi all, this has been such a tragic event and along with everyone else, I
really sympathize with Jerry's family and friends. And with everyone else, I
am also very concerned to learn all we can to prevent it happening again.
It's clearly too early to draw any conclusions and I am not about to start
making any changes to my Q and I'm delighted already to have the very
capable Gary McKirdy to act as my "councellor/trainer". If there's one thing
I have learned though, it's that I will make sure my 4 point harness is VERY
tight before landing - especially the shoulder straps. Probably nothing else
before we hear the results of Jerry's tragedy. Does anyone know how long the
NTSB is likely to take to make their findings known?

Regards and best wishes all,

Chris (G-CUIK)

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