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Martin Skiby

Is there any interest by experienced members to actually do flight testing on planes? This way an experienced pilot could take the plane up for the first flight and help correct any trim issues etc. before an inexperienced pilot gets into the seat. We have a test pilot on our field that does all the first flights and it is a great comfort to have him shake down the plane before getting in it. He is getting quite old now and may not be able to test fly my next few projects, but it was sure nice to have him. He also flew around the state and test flew many other planes and designs over the years. I know these guys are out there, but with the Q2 it seems taht an experienced pilot from our group would be the best.

Just a thought.

--- In Q-LIST@..., dan@... wrote:

I am in the process of putting a few Safety related pages together on
the QBA website. These will include the names of the people who have
raised a hand and volunteered to act as Flight and Tech Counselors.

I think you're right about liability. We don't expose ourselves to
extra liability by telling someone that they (or their plane) is NOT
ready to fly. ;-)

I should have a rough draft of these pages done before the next
newsletter comes out at the end of the month. I will have everyone look
at them at that time, and I will gladly incorporate any constructive
feedback for improvements. I do think this is a noble cause. We'll all
work together and work out the details.

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

On Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:43:03 -0400, jnmarstall wrote:
A handful of experienced Q-guys have stepped forward to offer their
services as Q-flight Counselors should we get the concept developed.

There are many more out there who are quite experienced in the Q
that we
have not heard from.

Some of the hesitancy may be from the rhetoric over the last few

While liability should be a serious concern, I don't see the
Counselor assuming any more liability exposure than the present
Technical Counselor. The TC isn't held liable for the structural
integrity of the planes he inspects nor how the systems are
His mission is to scrutinize and offer suggestions and even
recommendations. The Q-Flight Counselor isn't responsible for the
capabilities of the pilot, only to scrutinize and offer suggestions
even recommendations. If the QFC whats to fly the person, great. If
not, great. Personal choice.

If the Q-flight Counselor idea isn't palatable, hopefully someone
come up with a more operable solution. It is a noble cause!!
Jerry M

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