Waddelow types, was Q-Flight CounselorPhil c.

Richard Thomson

Bruce wrote

Hi Rich,

I have the Waddelow wing and canard but have the reflexor. Don't know what the DeVere trimmer is. Is that the T-tail on the vertical?Bruce

Hi Bruce, sorry for the delay.

Now you have mistified me, whats the Waddelow wing, is that a slip or is there a wing to match the Waddelow Canard, and how do you know it from the usuall Q2 wing ?

The DeVere tail or trimmer is the T Tail you describe, I wonder if it might improve control due to the longer moment arm.

I have it fitted to mine and did make a reflexor to replace it, but as yet not fitted.

I have refurbished my DeVere Tail and the intention is to run it for the first few runs to see how it operates. FN has over 368 hours on the clock, and spoken to the original

owner who said he had no problems in control, so it will be interesting to see how it performs, which hope to be next year.

Rich T



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