Re: Waddelow types, was Q-Flight CounselorPhil c.

Bruce Crain

Marc Waddelow did the calcs for a couple of longer wings and canards. I built mine to his 248" calcs but kept mine at 228" don't know why except that was somewhere between and Quickie and a Dragon Fly. You could still build the wings to 200" if you like.Bruce Crain

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Hi Gary,

I thought it was you that said to stick with it, that seems best option. Less build time remaining
I have reflex on the Variviggen, but its done with Bells and Whistles ( or was that pulleys and wires ?). I have always preferred control rods, no tension to worry about.

Hi Bruce,

None of those things ring a bell, is there any difference in Wingspan of the Waddelow Main wing ? Is the standard TriQ Canard as wide as the Waddelow do you know ?

Rich T

TriQ 200


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