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Yes very red but does look great next to the white exterior. Mmmmmm, maybe get it done in red leather!
The main lever is the throttle, the little lever to the left is the reflexors adjustment. I have a park brake with the lever to the left of the instrument panel but it's currently "not to be used". I had a lot of head scratching as the left brake was binding. Stripped everything down and rebuilt only to discover the park brake valve, for some reason, wasn't releasing after using, on the left side. Something to look at later. Yet another new, certified, aircraft part that's broken!!
Used the air brake when doing the downwind BUMFITCH checks and left it out until landing. Made very little difference handling wise but enabled me to go over the hedge at 80kt, land and stop easily in 400m.

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Hi Mick ,

Thats a very red interior, great finish.

Is the quadrant your throttle, whats the small levers, park brake ?

The position of your air brake handle looks similar to where mine would fit, but I was not sure if it could be operated from there.

Have you used it yet ?

Rich T



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