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R. Frisbee

You just nailed my problem. I was going based off arm not moment. Same thing with my w&b tools. The second I changed it everything fits nicely!

Id10t failure on my part. Thanks for setting me straight.

I should have figured that one out. I must be getting young and impetuous.


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My quick calculations shows that at those figure you are within C/G. I am guessing that the problem is in reading the chart. Note that at the bottom of the chart is moment / 1000 not inches for C/g. This is a common mistake reading the chart. Take a close look and let me know it that is what happen in your case.

I will send an email with the spreadsheet for the LS1 canard as an attachment to you directly if I can.


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Thanks for the Info. for some odd reason the link didn't work for me. I will poke more at it in a few.

My Numbers are as follows.
Gross Weight Arm Moment
Left Main is 280.5 36.5 10238.25
Right Main 274.0 36.5 10001.00
Tail 19.5 212.5 4143.75

FS is 14
Measurements from the Forward firewall face to the Mains are:
22.5 + 14.0 = 36.5
Measurements from the Forward Firewall face to the Tailwheel centerhub are:
198.5 plus 14.0 = 212.5

Empty Weight is 574

I agree, I don't trust anything anyone else has done, so I tend to redo everything. Which is why its taken me so long to get the darn thing Airworthy. I would not even consider flying it until I know what every bolt does and its torque spec.

According to my numbers, if I keep the airplane at gross, it will stay in W&B all the way until I only have 3 gallons in my header tank. Its when its just me and full fuel that a long burn drops it down.

Its probably something in the programs which I am using which is causing the confusion.

Thanks for your help. This is the last squawk I have, and I know its probably me not understanding an aspect of this Unique airplane.

Robert Frisbee
N2PQ Q2 Quickie
McMinnville OR

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I suggest that you load up your numbers in the spreadsheet that I have provided in the file section for a quick and simple way of checking your figures. PaulsQ2cgNew.xls is the file name and a link follows.

If you would post your weights and measurements we may be able to give you some meaningful feedback. I also recommend that you do not trust the weights and measurements of other owner/builders, do your own w/b from scratch. It is an easy process and can be completed in a couple of hours.

If an airplane is out of W/B do you really want to fly that airplane? I am just thinking out loud here and only offer a single point of view.


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Since I am new to the group I figured I would post and introduce myself. My name is Robert I have been flying for a couple years, I have about 200 hours logged in 172's, warriors, Comanche's and about 10 hours in a Citabria (just received my taildragger rating).

About a year ago I purchased N2PQ from its builder and just this week got all the squawks finished and she passed her annual. She has all the q200 upgrades with the exception that she still has the revmaster. 2PQ also sits about 4 inches higher due to a taller landing gear and tail wheel. Since I purchased the bird I have done several taxi tests checking temperature handling and engine performance.

Because of my size (6'5 250 pounds). The owner cannot transition train me (He also weighs 240) so I have to go the route of first flight (aka taxi around doing low speed and high speed taxi tests for 10-20 hours until I can handle anything she throws at me)

During the annual I redid the weight and balance and started working up problems. One thing I noticed is with me and full fuel (15 mains 6 header). I am within cg. The second I loose 10 gallons out of my mains I am a bit out of aft CG. Is this standard? The manual just seems to calculate the initial vehicle weight and doesn't account for fuel burn. If I am at gross of 1100 pounds with full fuel and passenger i am right at my forward cg limit. Wouldn't being too heavy on the rear make it so a rear wing stall is more likely?

Sorry for the long intro. I hope to be of some value to the community.

Robert Frisbee
N2PQ Q-2

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