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Hey I got some pics but have to get them on the computer to send to you but have not forgotten Darrell

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I am rebuilding my baffling for my Revmaster and am stuck as to where to proceed next. Could you post some close ups of your baffling if you have any pics available?

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Well I went to put the cowl on my airplane and discovered I had a few problems First the smiley on my cowl did not line up with the baffeling work to cool the heads , Second I went to put the top on and the duct work for the baffel was to high in the front. Now cutting this down was simple enough but the fact is that Paus Spackman had done such a beautiful job of making it I really hated to cut it down. It does however turn out that by Pauls example he turned out to be a very good instructor. Now that I have re done the top baffeling I will tomorrow start changing the bottom part of the cowel . I also fixed lobe that was busted for one of the tubes in back , I was concerned that the epoxy took a long time to cure. I mixed it by weight on a scale , could have been the temp was not as warm as it should have been.
Also I cannot wait to fly this because I already get Wat kind of a plane is that. and How many of them are there. Darrell


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