Re: Smart Chargers

Mike Perry

Hello Mike Dwyer:

I agree the aviation specific battery chargers are expensive. However,
Concorde will void your warranty if they find you have been using
anything else AND $190 is about the price of a replacement battery. And
I've seen a new battery destroyed in less than 2 years by using the
wrong trickle charger.

However, I also know some people have Automotive trickle chargers
without problems, which raises some questions:
-- Have you checked the output voltage of your charger against the
battery specs?
-- Do you think local environmental conditions have anything to do with
your success? (I know you live in a very temperate zone compared to
some of us. Local Temp extremes for me are about 10 to 110 deg F.)
-- Do you think early failures are just bad luck?

I'm not against saving a few bucks, but so far the local experience is
against the automotive trickle chargers.

Mike Perry

On 12/18/2011 7:39 PM, Mike Dwyer wrote:

Wow, $197 for a battery
guess the $5 Harbor Frieght one I've been using all these years is old
school!Mike Q200 N3QP
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Hello David:

Tell your friend there are already temperature compensating units from

BatteryMINDer. Website:

Then click the "Aircraft" button.

I've only looked at the aviation chargers but I expect they have them

for other uses.

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