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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Since I have been here from the beginning I am often asked "How much is my plane/project worth...I want to sell it"

My usual answers include.''' How long is a piece of string?
It's not worth anything until its a flying airplane.
I have seen projects go for free and on up.

I put this question to the assembled multitude here and I am thinking of some kind of formula
What did the kit cost originally?
Subtract the cost of the engine which should be easier to price and liquidate
Do a SERIOUS estimate of your % completion and multiply that times original airframe kit cost.
(include paint and battery)
You get no credit for your labor as there is no way to assess your skill.

many of you have seen or heard or bought or sold, Shoot me some numbers and lets try to inject some reality into this nebulous cloud of gas,


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At first glance, it might seem kind of dry, but it's all nuggets & pearls.

In VAF a link was given to a site that provides Dave Anders info in talk to
Sacramento organization:

I found it interesting. Print it out and put it on your refrigerator door.

Sam Hoskins
Murphysboro, IL

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