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So you're thinking, Andy, that FAA OFFICIALS aren't good enough sources of information for you???
What exactly gives you the jitters?


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Thanks for the info Mike, I really appreciate it!!


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I'm in a very similar situation, especially as to registration. M Tri-Q
MAY have flown years ago, but I have no way of confirming that. What I do
know is that it has been sold for parts four times in the last few years.
I was concerned about registration because 1). It was a kit and I don't
have the original manuf. bill of sale and 2) I don't have documentation on
it's construction and 3) I don't have a total chain of owners.

The EAA (two different employees of EAA) both were a little doubtful about
getting it certified. However, I have talked with two different FSDO guys
and they said they could work it out, but I would not be able to get the
repairman's authority (able to sign off the condition inspection) since I
did not build the fuselage. Just yesterday I had another meeting with a
DAR and he wants to go over the fuselage (coin tap, etc), but doesn't
really see any problems because of the chain of ownership issue.
Lastly, my partner has an LSA utlralight which had the same history
problem. His DAR came out and signed off his with one visit with no

So, my advice would be to try to get as much documentation as you can on
previous owners (document emails, etc) to present to the DAR. You may want
to do as I have and start talking with a local DAR early in the
building process - it will probably be more expensive, but I'm sure it will
give you peace of mind, both in the ability to get it certified and as
to the quality of construction.

As someone else has said, do join the 'club' and do research in the
archives, both newsletters and posts. There is a ton of info and it could
potentially save your life! We are all very concerned about the safety
record and will do everything we can to ensure that you have a safe and fun

Mike, building Tri-Q200 in LA

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