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Pam n I will put it on the calendar.
On Feb 9, 2012, at 5:08 PM, Kevin Boddicker <trumanst@...> wrote:

Listers from both persuasions. It is the time of year to start planning the Spring Fling. I now belong to both lists, so I am sending this to both. Hope we can have a good turnout this year. The weather (Paul Fisher) has been bad the last few years, so we are due for a good year. I have looked at the calendar and it would appear that May 4,5,6 would be the best. The next weekend is Mothers Day, and beyond that we start to get into graduations.
So, if anyone has a problem with these dates please keep quiet. Just kidding. I would like to accommodate everyone, but that is not possible. Even when I do change the date for someone (Jerry Marstall) they don't show up.
Please let me know your thoughts. As always the DF guys are encouraged to attend. We have had a few in the past, but would like to build on that. When a date is firmed up I will get motel info out, and Dan will update the web page. Right dan?
DEH is a fine place for a fly in, and the airport manager and his wife roll out the red carpet. Hot lunch and all. No fees for hanger space. Courtesy car. They enjoy having us there.
Need feedback, will be your host.

Kevin Boddicker
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Luana, IA.

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