Installing a new main wing

Martin Skiby

I received a very nicely built Main wing from Rick Hole this past week and it is ready to install. I will need some suggestions on getting the plane level at this stage. Jay has offered a level fixture that I hope will do the trick and ease my mind on this. I have the intention of decreasing the angle of incidence by moving the rear of the wing about 1/8 inch up before floxing it in. Our previous wing had too much lift and we actually placed three cuts in the bottom from the aileron to the tip and twisted the wing up so the tip was about 3/8 up. It made a cool looking wing, but I don't want to do that again I would rather change the incindence slightly and avoid the issue all together.

I think Sam also raised his slightly when he installed the new one.

Thanks in advance to the group. I'll keep you all posted. Hopefully not to much longer before I have her back in the air.

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