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One Sky Dog

You are right, my bad.
I was steering with my feet trying to get my tach back and did get off
centerline. I finally just had the airspeed and flew it off. Trying to get used
to lots of info on one screen.

I am also going to request the bigger runway.


Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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Looks and sounds great. One suggestion, quite pushing buttons on take
off. You looked as if you were wandering around while you were concentrating
on your engine gauge. Get it where you want it and take off. Concentrate
on flying the plane first.

My 2 cents cuz we all want you to keep coming back safe.

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Excellent job Charlie!

Your engine sounds SO nice!

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To all Q list;
First I would like to thank the members of the tandem wing community
the support. they even let me show up in a Cessna! Thanks to all for
encouragement and congratulatory posts following my engine runs, taxi
and first flight.

More details: February 5th I went to the airport N-187CD was sitting
cowl on, tires aired up, main tank full. I had replaced the 52" X 58"
propeller with a 52" X 54" from Tennessee Props Inc. I was getting over
2800 rpm
> static. I had previous static runs of 2650 with the 52" X 58" with
runs with 2687 peak rpm. I was thinking I was over the torque curve
have been operating full rich on the ground and the mixture adjustment
to be overly sensitive swinging rich to lean with little movement of
> lever.

The first card of the flight plan: Take off do not screw with
heat, trim ect. Climb to pattern altitude, check temps, climb to 7500
north east of the airport using clearing 360 turns of varying bank
Check temps, slow to pitch bob level attitude. Return to airport to

I basically accomplished the card but have a low rpm condition. This
mixture or attitude related or too much prop or something else. Still
39.1 hrs to get it figured out in.

Here is the video link



Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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