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Rick Hole

Paul is correct, the blue foam is floatation billets but has other uses, of
course. It is functionally identical to the older orange foam but has a
finer texture which makes it easier to sand without gouging. It is soluble
in both auto gas and 100LL and must be protected from those.

Paul is also correct that the foam in the wings may NEVER be layered. It
can be sectioned, as in the Q2 plans.

Rick Hole

N1711Q Q200 still waiting time to paint


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Paul Buckley
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:05 AM
Subject: Re: [Q-LIST] Orange Foam

I seem to remember that the source of the blue foam was discussed some years
ago and the conclusion was that they were floatation billets produced by DOW
chemicals. They are also used for insulation.
As such, I purchased a few billets from an insulation company here in the
Be aware of the block sizes required.

Also be aware that there was a fatal accident involving the failure of a
main wing that had been fabricated from sheets of foam rather than solid

Paul Buckley

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