Re: Orange Foam

Rick Hole

It is the floatation billet you need, closed cell. You cannot use sheet
foam for wings- it is not OK to laminate them together. Though you can
piece them-the plans call for the wings and canard to be cut in several
sections but the joints must be similar to the plans joints. Best bet, use
materials per plans without modifying the materials except as checked out by
qualified experts. I don't know what the Lowe's foam is, but make sure it
is large enough to make whole pieces without laminating and make sure it is
really the same foam.

Rick Hole


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So is the blue foam equivalent to the blue insulation foam you can buy at
Lowe's. I know you can't use insulation foam on the Long-EZ (I'm building
one), but I followed the link and googled the name only to find an
equivalent product on Dow's site.

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Anybody know what kind of foam is the orange foam in the original Quickie


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