Posting Guidelines

Mike Perry

This message is mainly for members who have joined the group since April
of 2010.

In April 2010 we (the moderators) published posting guidelines. I was
supposed to modify the message sent to new members to include those
guidelines. Yahoo made some changes around that time and I wasn't able
to incorporate the guidelines immediately; then I got busy with other
stuff. I finally got Yahoo at least partly figured out and new members
now get the proper message and only a little redundancy. For anyone who
didn't get those guidelines, I am including them below. I have also
posted them in the Q-List files as "Q-List Posting Guidelines" if you
ever want to look at them.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Mike Perry

Posting Guidelines:

In the past we have had fights on this list, some of them bitter. The
following guidelines were developed to improve communication and avoid
hard feelings, based on 10 years experience with this list.

New designs, new engines and untested variations belong on our sister
list, Q-Performance:
Q-Performance is dedicated to modifications and radical changes to
Quickie aircraft. Brief questions about new ideas ("Has anyone tried .
. .") are appropriate on Q-List but longer discussions should move to

General Guides: Do not attack or threaten others on the list. Avoid
politics and religion unless directly related to aviation. Show
courtesy to your neighbors and to those from overseas (Keep in mind that
this is an international list). Social networking on Q-List is OK as
long as Quickie Aircraft are at the heart of it.

For clarity on the list:
1) Sign your E-mails. Add relevant information about your aircraft type
or your experience to your signature.
2) State your topic clearly on the subject line. Change the subject line
when the topic changes.
3) Copy only the recent and relevant parts of the previous message(s).
4) Keep personal posts off the list. Reply directly to the posting
person unless everyone on the list can benefit. (If you are receiving
individual E-mails there is a "Reply to sender" option at the bottom of
each message.)
5) Warn others of long posts, either in the subject line or the
beginning of the message body.

Some guidelines about Yahoo groups:
1) Do not send administrative messages (such as "remove me from the
list") through the list. Use the web interface at to change your settings, or check
the options at the bottom of each E-mail.
2) You cannot send attachments to an E-mail such as photos; attachments
are stripped from E-mails passed through Yahoo Groups. To show photos,
drawings and other files upload them to Yahoo Groups, then post a
message to the group describing the file.
3) Post messages as plain text, not html.

Thank you for reviewing these guidelines -- The Moderators

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