Re: [Q-200_Engine_Group] Plenum for 0-200

Terry Adams

Good advice Sam.
I made plenum molds for an 0-320. I loaned them to a guy two years ago,
haven't seen them since. Perhaps requiring a hefty refundable deposit
would help.

Terry Adams
N41521 DF MkI

On 3/31/2012 5:52 PM, Sam Kittle wrote:


I think it is really wrong for someone from the Q-Community to borrow your
mold and return it in unusable condition. The least that person should do
is make a new mold from their new plenum, using more release wax this
Then the new mold should be returned to you post haste, along with a
apology. Actions like this will cause distrust among individuals that
depend on each other for support.


Sam Kittle


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I did have, but last borrower left it unusa ble

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I think I saw where someone has a mold for a top plenum for the 0-200.
Is it possible that I could borrow it?
Dave Miller
Omaha, NE

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