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I must credit the individual who ruined my mold with paying me the cost to
make a new one. It wasnt convenient to do so.

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For what it is worth. I have loaned my kit for the detailed analysis of
angle of attack to two members of this list and they have both been very
careful and patient with all of the components and shipped them back
promptly in excellent condition. The exchange was beneficial to them and one
even sent me a Lowes gift card as thanks. I think it speaks well of the
character of those members and I would hope that they represent the majority
of the list.

Jay Scheevel -- Tri-Q still building (and making progress too :-)

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Good advice Sam.
I made plenum molds for an 0-320. I loaned them to a guy two years ago,
haven't seen them since. Perhaps requiring a hefty refundable deposit
would help.

Terry Adams
N41521 DF MkI

On 3/31/2012 5:52 PM, Sam Kittle wrote:


I think it is really wrong for someone from the Q-Community to borrow
mold and return it in unusable condition. The least that person should
is make a new mold from their new plenum, using more release wax this
Then the new mold should be returned to you post haste, along with a
apology. Actions like this will cause distrust among individuals that
depend on each other for support.


Sam Kittle


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